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About Us


Fine Japanese Dining in Fortitude Valley

Nikuya Brisbane

Exquisitely Japanese

Nikuya is the finest Japanese BBQ and Tonkatsu restaurant housed in the foodie precinct at the base of M&A in the Valley.

Following Japanese tradition, the restaurant provides two dining experiences each with their own cuisine specialty. Our Izakaya Japanese dining, specialises in Tonkatsu. And Nikuya is also the best place to enjoy Japanese BBQ grill in Brisbane. Nikuya has a focus on Izakaya (a smoky Japanese barbecue technique) and Kurobuta (a marbled breed of pork, used to create Nikuya’s signature tonkatsu).

From the stunning contemporary décor with traditional touches to the extensive menu of exquisite authentic Japanese cuisine and East meets West drinks list, Nikuya is one of the Valley’s leading dining destinations. With high ceilings, shiny black and pale wood furniture, and impressive giant lanterns swinging from the roof, everything about this place politely suggests ‘class’, though the prices are surprisingly reasonable.

You can enjoy the finest rare waygu tataki or salmon teriyaki with roast veggies, and also a great value range of Japanese noodles and bento boxes. Nikuya means ‘meat house’ in Japanese, and our sashimi and BBQ skewers are all made with the highest quality produce. There are also plenty of treats like the delicate and melty panko-crumbed fish fillet in the bento box lunch special, which is all salty and flaky and beautiful, especially when covered in thick and sweet tonkatsu sauce.

If you’re a fan of Japanese barbecue, you should start flipping out right about now, because this place is a palace of flamed meats. This multi-level Japanese wonderland has separate menus for each level of the venue, with a focus on barbecuing and the very best Japanese meats (think wagyu, fresh seafood, and Kurobuta pork). Nikuya means ‘meat shop’ in Japanese, and after one glance at the menu you’ll see they take their meat seriously.

Finest Quality

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If you are looking for quick great value quality lunch will find plenty to enjoy at Nikuya including bento boxes of Katsu chicken, fish or Kurobata pork or sushi/sashimi sets and more of our most popular treats.

At reasonable prices you can indulge in our must-try signature house specialty –  melt-in-the-mouth Kurobuta Pork (traditional fatty full-flavoured pork), which comes crumbed in Panko ( Japanese golden bread crumbs), with shredded cabbage (with choice of Japanese salad dressings), miso soup, rice and a side bowl of sesame seeds that diners get to grind with a pestle and add, to the delicious Tonkatsu sauce.

See the Lunch Menu Here

BBQ – Yakiniku

As well as pork in all varieties, house specialties also include Panko crumbed free range corn fed chicken, Hokkaido scallops, New Zealand oysters, Soft Shell Crab or Salmon fillet.

Another of our most popular dishes is the Yakimono (Grilled) Skewers, in pairs or, if you want to sample them all, as a Mixed Skewer set of 5: Wagyu Beef, Cherry Tomatoes, Chicken, Kurobuta Pork and Tofu.

Otherwise, for a real taste sensation from the Grill try the Ebi and Avocado Yaki, a luscious giant king prawn topped with buttery avocado, fish roe and mayonnaise.

See the Yakiniku BBQ Menu Here


One of our Main Menu focuses on Japanese Izakaya dining at its best with a wide range of speciality dishes which can be enjoyed al fresco, at window seats or barrels seats inside.

Our speciality is Tonkatsu but also on the menu are Sashimi, including the highly recommended ocean fresh King Fish Carpaccio, Sushi Maki and Nigiri, Appetizers like Gyoza (try the classic Buta Gyoza), Rice and Noodles and Katsudon (including Katsu Curries and Wafu Kinoko Spaghetti). Sweet tooth’s should leave room for the classic dessert which features in restaurants throughout Japan and that is a favourite with Japanese diners.

See the Izakaya Menu Here


Sake Craft Beer & More

Drinks List

Our mouth watering menus are matched by our impressive drinks lists to match any to be found in Japan, including:  Premium Japanese Whiskeys ranging from 12 year old Suntory Yamazaki through to 17 year old Hibiki; Japanese Craft Beers like Ichigo (Rice Lager) and Kinshachi (Red Miso), Kirin Apple Ciders and Sapporo or Kirin Japanese Draught beers on tap

Otherwise there’s Plum Wines and a comprehensive Sake list of some 20 Sakes, divided into 3 levels of rating: Junmai (Standard), Junmai Gingo (Mid-Range) and Junmai Dai (Top Range), while amongst them are Draught, Cloudy and Sparkling sakes.

With so many sakes and so little time, highly recommended is the Sake Tasting List, which comes as a set of 3 or 5.

We also have a wide range of Non-alcoholic beverages including Japanese teas and Kimura Ramune (Japanese house lemonade).

Our list also includes a fine range of Western beverages – red, white sparkling and rose – as well as a mix of craft and classic beers.

See the Sake Menu Here

For our guests

Free Parking

All Nikuya guests can enjoy 4 hours of free secure undercover parking at the nearby Connor St Parking Station. When paying the bill ask for the parking ticket to be validated.

Our Signature

Tonkatsu with Kurobuta

Tonkatsu is the signature dish of Nikuyu’s menu.  Nikuya Chefs insist on using Kurobuta Pork to craft the quintessential Japanese ‘Tonkatsu’ dish. Tonkatsu, or deep fried breaded pork cutlet, is a dish loved by children and adults alike for is juicy pork meat encased in a crispy Panko crust served with Tonkatsu sauce. 

Nikuya prepare the two kinds of traditional Tonkatsu cuts: ロース ‘rosu’, which is pork loin, and ヒレ’hire’, the leaner fillet. Our chefs insist on using the finest pork in the world: Kurobuta. Personal preference and your dining mood with determine your choice, but each is equally delicious and prepared to perfection. Your choice of quality cut is then coated with panko breadcrumbs and deep fried in Nikuya’s own blend of flavoursome, light oils. Our Tonkatsu is always served, as it should be, on a mesh stand to preserve the crisp coating. Nikuya’s Panko breadcrumbs are created from our own house made bread to ensure a subtle sweetness that perfectly compliments the rich pork flavours.

Tonkatsu Sauce

Tonkatsu is nothing or of course without the perfect Tonkatsu Sauce. Nikuya’s chef prepared Tonkatsu Sauce is made in-house, and is meant for dipping each delicious bite in (not to drown your entire Tonkatsu with). Like our Panko breadcrumbs, Nikuya’s Tonkatsu Sauce is prepared with traditional fresh spices but tweaked to perfection. It represents the perfect balance of sweet and sour to compliment the flavoursome pork and subtle sweetness of the delicately crisp breadcrumbs.

Kurobuta Pork

Kurobuta, which means “black hog” in Japanese. Kurobuta pork comes from pigs raised to produce a pork cut that has deep, rich marbling producing tender and flavoursome pork. It is well regarded as the highest quality pork in the world.  Unlike traditional, whiter coloured pork, Kurobuta Pork has a darker, reddish colour and when  properly cooked the meat will slice easily and glisten with tenderness.

Kurobuta pork comes from genetically superior breed of pig which has shorter muscle fibres contributing to its marbling and tenderness. It also has a higher pH level which gives it is firmer texture, reddish colour and greater flavours. In addition to naturally occurring differences, Kurobuta pigs are bred with special care. The best kind are raised free from hormones and antibiotics and are fed on diets crafted to enhance their taste. The lifestyle of a Kurobuta pig is also designed to avoid stress. Yes, stressed pigs have less intramuscular fat which makes for dry, tough meat. Happy pigs taste much better and so live a life of pastural roaming and wide open spaces.