Nikuya Signature Kurobuta

Nikuya Signature Kurobuta

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Tonkatsu with Kurobuta

Tonkatsu is the signature dish of Nikuyu.  Nikuya Chefs insist on using Kurobuta Pork to craft the quintessential Japanese ‘Tonkatsu’ dish. Tonkatsu, or deep fried breaded pork cutlet, is a dish loved by children and adults alike for is juicy pork meat encased in a crispy Panko crust served with Tonkatsu sauce. 

Kurobuta, which means “black hog” in Japanese. Kurobuta pork comes from pigs raised to produce a pork cut that has deep, rich marbling producing tender and flavoursome pork. It is well regarded as the highest quality pork in the world.  Unlike traditional, whiter coloured pork, Kurobuta Pork has a darker, reddish colour and when  properly cooked the meat will slice easily and glisten with tenderness.

Kurobuta pork comes from genetically superior breed of pig which has shorter muscle fibres contributing to its marbling and tenderness. It also has a higher pH level which gives it is firmer texture, reddish colour and greater flavours. In addition to naturally occurring differences, Kurobuta pigs are bred with special care. The best kind are raised free from hormones and antibiotics and are fed on diets crafted to enhance their taste. The lifestyle of a Kurobuta pig is also designed to avoid stress. Yes, stressed pigs have less intramuscular fat which makes for dry, tough meat. Happy pigs taste much better and so live a life of pastural roaming and wide open spaces.