Ultimate Tonkatsu

Ultimate Tonkatsu

Traditional perfection

Nikuya's Tonkatsu

Nikuya prepare the two kinds of traditional Tonkatsu cuts: ロース ‘rosu’, which is pork loin, and ヒレ’hire’, the leaner fillet. Our chefs insist on using the finest pork in the world: Kurobuta. Personal preference and your dining mood with determine your choice, but each is equally delicious and prepared to perfection. Your choice of quality cut is then coated with panko breadcrumbs and deep fried in Nikuya’s own blend of flavoursome, light oils. Our Tonkatsu is always served, as it should be, on a mesh stand to preserve the crisp coating. Nikuya’s Panko breadcrumbs are created from our own house made bread to ensure a subtle sweetness that perfectly compliments the rich pork flavours.

Tonkatsu Sauce

Tonkatsu is nothing or of course without the perfect Tonkatsu Sauce. Nikuya’s chef prepared Tonkatsu Sauce is made in-house, and is meant for dipping each delicious bite in (not to drown your entire Tonkatsu with). Like our Panko breadcrumbs, Nikuya’s Tonkatsu Sauce is prepared with traditional fresh spices but tweaked to perfection. It represents the perfect balance of sweet and sour to compliment the flavoursome pork and subtle sweetness of the delicately crisp breadcrumbs.